Flexible Pricing Packages

Tailored Solutions for Every Budget and Team Size

Get the right plan for your project and team

Stakeholder License


For anyone who needs to stay informed on project milestones, and can be used for forecasting


  • View reports, project status and updates sent in email
  • Name in system as a resource



For those who don’t need full access but want to view dashboards and reports, make approvals, and collaborate on status


  • Everything from Stakeholder License
  • View dashboards and reports
  • View everything (login)
  • Idea/Demand Creation
  • To-Do Work Management



For team members, consultants, and other employees who need timesheet capabilities


  • Everything from Participant License
  • Approve timesheets
  • Full task and subtask management​



Full access to all features, best for project and team leaders


  • Includes Full Access
  • Estimating
  • Identify & assign resources
  • Budget approval
  • Dashboard and report creation
Stakeholder Participant Member Manager
View reports, projects status, and updates sent in email X X X X
Name in system as a resource X X X X
View dashboards and reports X X X
View everything (login) X X X
Idea/Demand Creation X X X
To-Do Work Management X X X
Approve timesheets X X
Full task and subtask management X X
Action item management X X
Estimating X
Identify & assign resources X
Budget approval X
Dashboard and report creation X
Full administrative control X

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Managing projects efficiently is crucial. Moventus pricing packages are tailored to your specific needs. Contact our team to get your customized package.


Moventus pricing is based on the number of each type of user on the platform for your account. A Manager license is $35/month, Member license $20/month, Participant license $5/month, and Stakeholder license is free.  Our sales team can customize pricing for your specific needs. Subscriptions require an annual commitment. You can add more users at any time by working with your account manager.

Moventus is an annual SaaS subscription invoiced in full in advance. Standard payment terms are Net-30 days unless otherwise agreed to. In special circumstances, customers may choose to pay via their Amazon Web Services account.

Moventus is sold as an annual subscription and can be either pre-paid for the entire year or monthly installments via your AWS account.

Moventus is sold as an annual subscription, and as such we do not offer refunds. You may choose to not renew at the end of your term.

Yes, any new features and upgrades released during your license term are automatically included, at no additional cost.

Moventus is committed to protecting customer data. We build our platform using best practices for highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications. We regularly monitor and assess our program to ensure that it meets or exceeds compliance and regulatory requirements.

Moventus is hosted on dedicated servers within secure, industry-leading data centers provided by Amazon Web Services. These data centers have achieved and maintain SOC 2 compliance and provide 24-hour physical security including biometric access controls and continuous surveillance.

While you can get started using Moventus right away, we find it works best when it has been customized to your exact project and organizational needs. We have three implementation packages to get you started.

You can add users to your account at any time. Contact our sales team or your account manager.

While Moventus is perfect for teams of any size, the minimum licensing package is 10 users (1 Manager + 9 Member licenses).