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Focus on what matters most

View and analyze what’s happening to enhance your strategic planning and make more strategic, data-driven decisions faster. Moventus connects strategic planning to work, resources, and budgets so you can prioritize initiatives and deliver results.

Align strategic planning with your business operations

Continuously plan and prioritize work on your terms—top-down, bottom-up, whatever works best for you. Visualize multi-year strategic roadmaps to anticipate risks and demands and inform decision-making.

Strategic Planning: Visualize outcomes before making decisions

Create what-if scenarios to model the effects of any project and budget changes you’re considering. Identify potential risks so you’re better able to avoid unexpected results and optimize planning and execution.

Connect strategy with objectives through strategic planning

Evaluate work in progress, resources, and financials in real-time to ensure alignment with your company strategy. Reevaluate and adjust priorities at will to adapt to changing conditions and maximize ROI.

Track goal progress instantly with strategic planning

Directly link work with top-line objectives to see where you stand at any time, share up-to-date status reports, and adapt on the fly to focus on the most important activities.

Complete visibility, smarter decisions

Know where to focus your efforts to achieve your goals. Whatever your goals, Moventus can help you get there.


Organize and manage work in progress with drag-and-drop ease in an intuitive UI. You can create custom visualizations of any aspect of your portfolio for multi-year strategic planning.


See the outcomes of business decisions before you make them. Build what-if scenarios for different combinations of initiatives and budget changes to assess your options and make better decisions.


Align work in progress to top-line organizational OKRs—measure and report on progress toward objectives to keep stakeholders informed.

Target Planning

Measure roadmap projects against important target metrics and see how changes would affect your plan. Customize priority scoring criteria, weight values, and sort by rank.

Portfolio Review

Roll up relevant data across your projects to monitor portfolio progress by segment. Dig into individual projects to address issues.

Cross-Project Dependencies

Define dependent relationships across your project ecosystem to identify constraints and test how changes could affect dependency chains.


Monitor project progress in real-time. Customize views to track specific information and share across users for easy collaboration.


Organize and prioritize your work with task views that include list, grid, timeline, Kanban board, and Gantt chart.

Critical Path

View cross-project dependencies and a project execution path that automatically updates as changes occur to keep deliverables on schedule.


Generate project work sequences that account for dependencies, resources, availability, and deadlines automatically to improve efficiency and timeline accuracy.


Customize reporting by project, configure for different users, share across teams, export to your own solution, and auto-create status reports to eliminate manual work and keep everyone informed.

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