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Get the Right People on the Job

Utilize your people more efficiently with comprehensive resource management, giving you a complete picture of everything happening across your organization.

Strategic portfolio management

Coordinate people and projects your way – Resource management done right

Tailor resources to the tasks at hand. Allocate people across any combination of projects and ensure they’re only assigned when necessary so everyone gets where you need them most.

Coordinate people and projects your way - Project Management Software Solution
Get everyone on the same page

Get everyone on the same page with proper resource management

Enhance collaboration and accountability in resource management with a unified view of work—spot potential issues and forecast capacity and resource needs for more accurate planning.

Get the job done right

Optimize your resource management with total visibility into staff utilization across your company. View work in progress and availability in real-time to identify where teams are overworked or underutilized, and filter by skillsets, locations, and roles to find the right people for effective resource management.

Get the job done right
Anticipate demands and adapt rapidly - Resource Management Software Solution

Anticipate demands and adapt rapidly

Evaluate project status and dependencies in real-time to identify headcount gaps and forecast capacity shortfalls in resource management. Prioritize resources based on your objectives and adjust quickly as plans evolve, ensuring effective resource management.

Resource management helps you get the most out of your team

Use real-time staffing insights to plan and prioritize projects, balance workloads, and keep initiatives on schedule. Whenever you need to execute, Moventus can help you optimize resources.

Flexible Allocations

Assign the right people with the right skills every time. Allocate workloads by percentage and manage project hours by month so people are only scheduled when needed.

Capacity and Demand Management

Get 360-degree visibility into resource availability by person, role, and team. Automatically account for PTO and holidays and differentiate between full- and part-time employees to clarify capacity.


Assess time and resources allocated to projects to inform planning and report to executives. Contractors can enter timesheets directly, making it easier to manage budgets and track goals.


Monitor project progress in real-time. Customize views to track specific resources and share across users for easy collaboration.


Use pre-built Power BI reports or customize by project, configure for different users, share across teams, and auto-create reports to identify roadblocks, eliminate manual work, and keep everyone informed.


See how changes to resources would affect your timeline and results. Build what-if scenarios for teams and initiatives to enhance planning and decision-making.


Rank projects based on organizational priorities and analyze the resulting scores in your roadmap to improve prioritization decision-making.


Organize and prioritize your work with task views that include list, grid, timeline, Kanban board, and Gantt chart.

Critical Path

View cross-project dependencies and a project execution path that automatically updates as changes occur to keep deliverables on schedule.

Action Item Responder

Simplify collaboration with executives and across departments by empowering users to triage workflows, timesheets, approvals, and more by responding directly from email—without having to log in and check a box.

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